Welcome to Next Level3 Cloud Identity JIT Access

Next Level3’s Just-In-Time (JIT) Access is a revolutionary, highly secure solution tailored to provide an impenetrable shield for your AWS environment against unauthorized intrusion and potential security breaches with a system that incorporates identity verification protocols, MultiFactor Authentication, and dynamic access controls.

Use Cases

  • Securing Dormant or Stagnant Accounts
  • Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding Scenarios
  • Securing Endpoints, Legacy, and IoT Devices
  • Cloud Hosted Systems Protection
  • Securing Custom Applications
  • Mitigating Existing Attacks

Getting Started

Setting up your Account

The first step to get started using Next Level3 Cloud Identity JIT Access service is to create your account. This can be done by either using your desktop through a web browser or mobile device through the Next Level3 app which is available for Android and iOS devices. To utilize the full capabilities of Next Level3 security features you will need to configure your account using a desktop because the mobile application doesn’t have access to configuration functionality.

Securing your Applications

Next Level3 authentication is a Zero-Trust Identity Access Authentication service that is used for securing your company’s applications. When implemented, it enables you to set lock statuses for applications, manage the users that have access to them, and monitor access activity.

Setting up End Users

Like most companies, there is more than one user identity that has access to its applications and a security requirement to protect its users identities. Next Level3 Cloud Identity JIT Access allows you to allocate access privileges to provide multiple layers of security to the users and groups in your network and create or remove them as needed.

Integrating your Identity Provider

Next Level3 Identity Provider integrations are designed to be used for any of your existing applications or sites which are using Auth0, Microsoft Azure AD B2C, Microsoft Azure AD and O365, AWS Cognito, and AWS IAM for authentication. Integrating your identity provider with Next Level3 will add the extra layer of security needed to secure your organizational identities.

Native Language integrations

Next Level3 native language integrations include Node JS, Python, and Microsoft .NET Framework. Our integration will allow you to easily add account protection to any application.

Cyber Policies and Monitoring Activity

Cyber Policies are used to control access to your application accounts and manage that access for your companies users (employees, contractors, third parties and customers). There are a number of use cases for a variety of industries in which Cyber Policies provide solutions to solve problems.

With NL3 Activity logs, you can view your company’s user activity. This feature allows you to monitor account lock statuses and when a user has accessed your company applications.

JIT Approvals

JIT approvals are used to grant elevated privileges to your users for your applications. This process requires an administrators approval that when approved will provide access to the user in real time. There are a number of use cases in which JIT Approvals provide solutions to solve problems. This document will outline each of the JIT Approval types available to you and will define how to create, use, and manage Next Level3’s JIT Approvals within your Company Portal.

API Documentation

NL3 API Documentation is hosted by SwaggerUI. In case you need to reference it, it is available both externally for public access and internally once you have registered your company account.